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Chiropractic Care

New West Chiropractor

Family Chiropractic care

Visits to a chiropractor’s office are similar to what one might experience at any other health clinic. Under BC legislation including the Health Professions Act, there is a strict set of guidelines and objectives that each chiropractic doctor must adhere to when evaluating and treating patients.

We take these guidelines very seriously and take great pride in offering the highest quality care.

As a new patient, you will undergo a complete clinical examination, history and testing including neurological and orthopedic evaluations.  Thereafter, you will be provided with treatment recommendations and we will work together to reach your healthcare goals.  If your case requires an external referral, we will be pleased to also offer this.  

We offer:

  • Chiropractic Care including:

    • Instrument adjusting​

    • Diversified adjustments

    • Thompson Drop Table Techinque

  • Several forms of Spinal Decompression including:

    • Spine Med​ Spinal Decompression

    • Kennedy Decompression Technique

  • Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy

  • Custom Orthotics

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